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ANYKODE, whose team offers more than 15 years experience in computer science and robotics, develops and commercializes the anyKode Marilou modeling and simulation environment.

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iRSP (intelligent Robot Software Platform) SLAM 3D, by Bonavision: iRSP is a robotic development platform in which robotics developers build an intelligent robot. The current video demonstrates 3D SLAM capability of a robot using iRSP simulated in Marilou.

The COREBOT team won the CAROTTE step 1 contest (CArtographie par ROboT d’un TErritoire). The contest was initiated by the ANR and DGA. Check out the video : The simulated robot at work and The real Robot work

MODA libraries are compatibles Windows and Linux : you can create distributed or centralized robotics applications running on Windows as well as Linux.

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We designed anyKode Marilou to help as many people as possible to accelerate their robotics development projects. Our effort has focused almost entirely on developing an engine that reproduces, with an extremely high level of reality, the behavior of sensors and actuators with respect to real properties in a physical environment.

Research and Education, Marilou lets you design complex scenarios. Use Marilou to create and test your algorithms on entire fleets of robots without having to invest in hardware, or deal with breakage and limited resources. Reuse the models you create for robots, sensors, actuators, and surface properties from one project to the next throughout your entire teaching program. Take advantage of the synergy generated by combining your applications via centralized and/or distributed architecture, working as easily in real-time or accelerated simulation.

Professionnals, Marilou gives you a way to experiment with your industrial applications in all kinds of situations. Save time setting up your test plans. Improve reliability by testing your applications in situations that may be hard or impossible to reproduce in reality. With Marilou you’ll be able to run your algorithms under different scenarios and configurations in just a few mouse clicks. Your team will be able to work on a given robot or test area simultaneously. Benefit from sharing and enhancing equipment, robot, object, world, and embedded device libraries.

Hobbyists, Marilou is a robotics environment that lets your imagination wander, allowing you to design robots, worlds, and robotics applications at no additional cost. Join the Marilou community and share your experience.

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